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Best Staffing Company in Pune

Best Staffing Company in Pune

Employers and companies are looking for the “best staffing company in Pune”, “Recruitment Company in Pune”, “Placement Agency in Pune”. The need for such recruitment company arises as we i.e., Jobmate Staffing Solution provide the best human resources to them.

The staffing companies will put a lot of effort into finding out the best candidates and screen them as per the need of the various companies. This activity will also save the time of companies in finding out the best candidate as per the requirement.

The demand for staffing companies in Pune is growing very fast. It is beneficial for various companies as well as for the candidates. We bear all stress in screening the profile of candidates and place them in a company as per the need. The sourcing of the best candidate in the company is the main aim of various placement agencies in Pune.

Best Staffing Company in Pune

We are welcoming you to JobMate Staffing Solution, which provides the best staffing services to several metro cities in India, including Pune. As the best manpower consultancy in Pune, we provide the resources to the various companies.

Right from the start i.e., screening of the profile of different candidates to the preparation of candidate personality as per the company standards, we are well experienced in providing such things. Our primary focus is to provide the best and experienced staff which would meet the requirement of the company.

 In this entire world, people are always looking for a job to meet the demand for their whole life. Some people also struggle to find a job as per their experience and knowledge. So in this competitive world, we as a JobMate Staffing Solution connect the right candidate and place them in the company as per their expertise.

We are best in finding out the talent and knowledge of the people and utilize them in placing them in the company. In short, being the best recruitment company in Pune, we provide the best staffing services, which helps both the companies as well as candidates in developing.

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Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing earned a great importance in the strategy of selecting the people in the entire company.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing is an important part for clients which helps in meeting their short-term requirement and goals.

Contract to Hire

Contract-to-Hire gives the time for company to monitor the performance of the employee.

Direct Staffing

Direct Staffing positions are lasting, typically these are full-time positions with various benefits.

Choose Best IT & Non-IT Staffing Company in Pune

Money plays an essential role in today’s world, as without money, nobody in the world can survive. People need it to survive and live efficiently. It also decides the standard of living of people. The earning of more money will also raise the standard of living of the people.  So everybody is in the race of making more money and get a high standard of living.

We help the candidates in finding out the perfect job, which will give a high standard of living. So in this way, we help companies as well as a candidate in providing the recruitment and HR services which could meet their expectation.

Recruitment Agency in Pune

Jobmate Staffing Solution is an IT as well as Non-IT staffing company in Pune. It provides staffing services to the candidates and clients. Our head office is in Pune, and their main office follows all their administration process.

Jobmate is capable of providing the placement services in Pune and outside Pune too. We provide staffing solutions in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and other major cities of India. We have a well-qualified group which works effectively to place the best people in the corporate world.

As we know, Pune is a city known for the education hub all over the city. A lot of talented people grown here after completed their higher education. Moreover, Pune is also known as IT and Non-IT Hub Centres where a lot of people can get the job.

There are a lot of companies in Pune which provides employment opportunities to many people. So as a part of employment hub centers of India, the need for a staffing company in Pune plays a vital role in providing the best manpower to the various companies residing in Pune. Experienced and well-skilled candidates get placed with the help of best IT Staffing Company in Pune.

“If you‘re not competitive in the staffing world, you won’t last very long.” - Rob Lowry


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Being the trusted and reliable service provider in Pune, JobMate India is also known as one of the trustworthy placement agencies in Pune. We provide the best staffing solutions to our clients, so they get satisfied with our placement services.

We are also helpful in providing valuable placement services to every small and big organization. We keep our promises by providing the best candidates to the clients as per the requirement. The candidates will be placed, keeping in mind the future aspects of the company.

Placement Agency in Pune

One question came in mind to every candidate and clients i.e., Why we hire JobMate Staffing Solution? The answer is very simple. We are one of the best placement agency in Pune as we keep on focusing on providing the best values for our clients and candidates.

They should get the best return on their investment, whether the investment is in the form of money or time. The candidates who are actively in touch with us will get the best return on their time, and the client will get the best ROI in the form of money.

We are the best placement agency in 2019 as per the survey report conducted by some of the social media sites. As per their saying, the clients are much happier when they get connected with our staffing solution.

Some of the companies speak greatly about the job consultancy, which works actively in meeting the candidates with the best companies and clients. Jobmate Staffing Solutions looks out the company strength and their requirement, understand their goals and projects, and place the skilled candidates who are capable of working at the desired place.

So from the above saying, we understand the need for a staffing company in the metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, and so on. The staffing company saves the time and money of the company in finding out the best candidate for their vacant position.

Moreover, it also helps the candidates in getting the job as per their standards. So the main aim of the staffing company located in Pune is to connect the right candidate in the best position in the company.

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How Recruitment Company in Pune Works?

JobMate Staffing Solution is also considered as the best recruitment company in Pune as it provides recruitment to many candidates within the city. It also offers suitable manpower at the middle and senior levels to the various companies located in Pune.

We aim in raising the standards of living of candidates by providing the job as per the experience. Also, we take the necessary steps in reducing the price in providing the manpower to the company. It will ensure the companies that candidates who are joining, offer the best work according to their capabilities to the employers.

Recruitment Process of Staffing Company Pune

Jobmate is the fastest growing recruitment company in Pune in 2019, providing the best manpower and recruitment to the various companies. It has a team of highly qualified professionals who understands the need of best employers in the company.

The growth of companies depends upon the skills of candidates. The performance of the particular candidate depends upon the ability and capabilities. If you are looking for the top 10 recruitment company in Pune 2019, then the JobMate Staffing Solution is the best choice.

Various companies can get the staff and manpower according to the requirement and demand of the work. Shortlisting, Screening, and providing skilled manpower to the clients is the daily task performed by the JobMate Staffing Solution. We have a special managed recruitment team which offers the best recruitment for your company and at the reduces cost.

We are well versed in providing Permanent Recruitment in Pune, Temporary recruitment in Pune, Contract to Hire Services in Pune & Direct Recruitment Services in Pune. That is the reason we are the best and trusted recruitment company in Pune.

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The recruitment procedure of JobMate Staffing Solution is as follows:

1. Understanding the Need of a Client

We must identify the need and requirement of the clients. We must thoroughly go through the provision of the company as what type of candidate they want. We must discuss the need with the clients and try to identify or understand the same. Then, the proper action or work is done to find the best candidate.

The candidate must be of excellent skills and capability which fulfill all the requirement and projects of the company. The best recruitment company in Pune mainly focuses on understanding the need of the clients.

2. Planning about the Particular Job

After identifying the requirement of a client, the recruitment company in Pune do the planning of the same. We outline how to get the right staff for the particular position in the company. We have to plan what things we have to do and what details we have to ignore.

Firstly, we have to analyze the job provided. Secondly, after understanding that we should create a job description for the candidates so that they quickly know the requirement of the client and they would apply the same efficiently. The procedure would help the staffing company and get the right candidate for the position.

3. Analysis of Job

We must analyze the job that is being offered by the clients. We should make a proper module and research about the work. What should be the role of the candidate which will get placed in the entire company should also be determined.

We should try to find out the job role and description of the candidate which has worked in that position previously. We made an in-depth analysis of the job offers to the recruitment company in Pune.

4. Create a Job Description

As per the requirement of the clients upon the job, we have separately made a list of job description where we mentioned about the job roles. The whole job description was clearly mentioned by Jobmate Staffing Solution.

The mentioned role and responsibility made by the placement agency in Pune will be shown to the applicant so that they clearly understand the need of the client. This will helps us a lot as the interested candidate will only apply for a particular job.

5. Searching for the Right Candidate

After creating a job description, we should search for the right candidate. The job description helps in finding out the right candidate for the company. Also, we should post a particular requirement about the job on Linkedin, other social media platform, and other portals too. It waves the path of finding the best candidate for the job.

In our staffing company, we have the list of some experienced and skilled candidates which will fill the vacant place of the company as per their requirement.

6. Screening and Shortlisting of Applicants

After the candidates have applied for the particular job role, the main job is to screen and shortlist the profile of candidates. We sent the shortlist profile to the companies for the final interview process. The company sorted the profile with the help of the experience of the candidate and the practical knowledge they have in the particular field, mentioned in their CV.

We should make a list of strong candidates who will go for the face to face interview in the company with the senior-most person. The excellent profile should be maintained of the candidates along with the cover letter so that they will get easily placed in the company through the effort made by the placement agency in Pune.

7. Scheduling the Interview in the Company

After screening all the CV’s of candidates, the next step is to schedule the interview in a particular company. The shortlisted candidates are ready for the interview process. We have done the screening of the profile of the various candidates.

 We choose the best who fits with the requirement of the company. They will fulfill the goal of the company, and the company will grow directly and indirectly as per the skill of candidates. The recruitment company in Pune will do the proper scheduling of the interview.

8. Job Offering to the Best Candidate

The offer stage is a standout amongst the most sensitive phases of the selecting procedure. HR manager ought to never underestimate that a candidate will acknowledge an offer. If they’ve done the majority of the correct work previously and they’ve twofold and triple-checked everything, at that point the candidate ought to acknowledge most of the time.

After the interview, the job will be offered to the best candidate, and the candidate will accept the same. The candidate will also ask for the time for joining in a particular company. The company will make this offer to the candidate referred by recruitment company Pune.

9. The Hiring of the Candidate

After offering the job for a particular role in a company referred by the best placement agency in Pune, the next step is to hire the candidate for the job. You must be shocked after seeing that the job offering and hiring are the two different things.

The job offer is given to make the candidate informed that the company offers them the job in their company. It doesn’t mean that the candidate should join the company or want to join the same.

They may also reject the job offer due to specific reasons and not join the company. But, hiring of the candidate means that the candidate accepts job offer of the company and participates as a staff of the particular company.

10. Onboarding the Hired Candidate

The next and final step of the recruitment steps of the best IT staffing company in Pune is to do onboarding of the candidate who gets job offers in a particular company recently. Onboarding is a process of welcoming the new candidate in a company.

 The senior official makes them understand their roles and responsibility in the new company and giving them the perfect workplace for the new employee. The onboarding is the final procedure of placing the candidate in a company.