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JobMate Staffing Solutions Services

Recruitment Services

Our Placement Services offer full staffing solutions for your business. We will take full responsibility regarding each stride in the staffing procedure from sourcing and choosing staff, through the interview process. We have been into recruitment process from a long time and we have built a strong reputation in this field. Our comprehension of the business sectors, organizations and people inside these business sectors empower us to convey consistent and exhaustive placement solutions. Our enrolment specialists have involvement of providing staff all through India. We pursue an exceptionally stringent placement methodology so that as an organization you can get the best candidates and as a candidate you can get the right company so that you can achieve your entire goal and reach the ladder of success.

Our Recruitment Procedure is given below:

  • Understanding the clients need
  •  Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  •  Job Specification
  • Searching the Right Candidates
  •  Screening / Short listing
  • Scheduling  Interview.
  • Post selection procedure

Services provided by Staffing Company Pune

1. Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing earned a great importance in the strategy of selecting the people in the entire company. The organization is looking for the talented people to look after their projects. This is the part of their growth strategy. Moreover we also know the candidates selected as a part of permanent staff has a greater chance to survive and succeed in an organization.

So JobMate Staffing Solution which is considered as the best staffing company in Pune offers permanent staffing to various companies. We have a lot of talented candidates who fits as a permanent staff in many of the companies. They benefit the company through his skill, knowledge and talent.

JobMate Staffing Solution provides the IT/Non IT Staffs which fulfills the requirement of various companies. These candidates are highly qualified and experienced professionals to meet the requirement of the companies.

JobMate Staffing Solution is at the focal point of connecting the well experienced candidates with experience and business openings. With JobMate, you can get to the profoundly specific ability you have to make a maintainable upper hand.

2. Temporary/Contract Staffing

Temporary Staffing

In this entire world, the organization or companies whether they are big or small has to struggle with the sudden change in the rules and regulation and this is the reason which makes the growth of companies unstable. So, in this case, the company need not hire permanent staff, they will hire temporary staff due to the uncertainty of the policies of the government. Moreover, companies will also prefer to hire a candidate on a short-term basis or contract basis as there is a short need of that skill in the company and they don’t want to lose much money for their short-term goals.

JobMate Staffing Solution gives solid temporary/contract staffing services that offer you the capacity to fabricate your staff quality without retaining them full time, help over-burden workers during basic occasions, and keep ventures moving. We are one of the main staffing company in India, offering a full administration, practical, and productive HR Services to various associations or companies.

Temporary/Contract staffing accommodates an adaptable, cost-effective and best solutions for your staffing needs. Jobmate Staffing Solution has demonstrated aptitude, advancement, adaptability, and access to various resources to meet the needs of temporary staffing in a company. After some time, Jobmate Staffing Solution has effectively built up its business and administration portfolio to acclimate to the changing needs of its clients.

Temporary Staffing practice is reasonable for associations that require extra and committed assets for the achievement of their short-term goals. Temporary projects can last a couple of days, weeks or months and for the most part, conceal for get-aways, maternity leave, wiped out leave and regular or pinnacle loads. Jobmate Staffing Solution has the assets and foundation to prepare a solitary individual or a whole workforce dependent on the client’s need, and convey to their desires.

3. Contract to Hire

Contract to Hire

Contract-to-hire is an explicit way to an explicit end. Contract-to-hire assertions give a set period of time to a contractual worker who works for the business. Towards the completion of that set period, the clients decides whether the contractual worker will be procured as a permanent employee or rejects the temporary/contract based candidate.

Contract-to-hire works good by enabling both temporary worker and company to get maximum by a time for testing preceding fulfilling of a full-time employer. The agreement assessment period regularly quiets uneasiness and takes into account quicker beginning on-boarding, keeping vital organization activities from falling behind while the organization holds up to locate the perfect candidate for the company.

Contract-to-hire Administrations enable customers to screen the work execution of a representative before making a formal offer of business. This enables customer to oversee costs, put additional assets where they require them most. We enable clients to enlist candidate on contract-to-hire job with adaptable salary and after an explicit time frame, clients can procure contract representative into their permanent staff.

4. Direct Placement Staffing

Direct Staffing Placement

Direct Staffing positions are lasting, typically these are full-time positions with various benefits. A direct staffing position is one in which the clients uses the staffing organization to discover the ability and hire them into the company directly. These candidates are well experienced in their fields and staffing company screens each and every profile of the candidate and sort out in order to meet the requirement of the clients. An applicant offered a direct hire position and they directly join the company directly on the company’s payroll. So the candidates will be placed directly and no short-time agreement is signed between the candidates and company.

Through our direct placement services, JobMate accepts all accountability for selecting and screening candidates so that the company can concentrate on your business. By working with the best placement agency, for example, JobMate, you depend on expert enrolment specialists to choose the ideal candidate for the company. Organizations depend on direct placement services to build a staff for venture based work and to develop and renew their workforce.